Do you know that milk powder cannot be put in the refrigerator in summer?

When the scorching summer comes, food is prone to spoilage when exposed to high temperature for a long time. Many mothers also think that milk powder will definitely deteriorate if it is not stored in the refrigerator, and drinking it is bad for your health. Milk powder can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator, but this is wrong.

The refrigerator is a relatively closed low-temperature environment, with large differences in temperature and humidity between inside and outside. This will make the milk powder very easy to absorb moisture. When milk powder is stored in the refrigerator for a long time, it will get damp, agglomerate and deteriorate. Thereby affecting the quality and drinking effect of milk powder. Moreover, the refrigerator is not sterile, and many families do not clean the refrigerator for a long time. It may be dirtier than the outside of the refrigerator. After opening the can of milk powder, bacteria will contaminate the milk powder through the gap. Therefore, it is recommended that after opening, it must be sealed and stored indoors in a ventilated, dry place out of direct sunlight.

[Where milk powder should not be stored]

Regardless of whether it is canned, boxed or bagged, the production principle of the product is to use high temperature, high pressure, and spray drying. The following places should be avoided as much as possible:

1. Wooden damp cabinets: In summer, wood absorbs moisture from the humid air and is prone to insects, which will cause milk powder pollution;

2. Kitchen: All kinds of food in the kitchen are prone to be wormed or deteriorated due to the heat and humidity in summer. If the milk powder is close, it will also be contaminated;

3. Ground: After all, bugs often crawl on the ground, so milk powder should be placed on a high shelf.

Three common ways to preserve milk powder:

Storage before opening, storage after opening and storage after preparation. For these three situations, let's talk about how to store milk powder in different packages. But one thing is the same: no matter what kind of packaged milk powder, it can only last for a month after opening.

In short, milk powder that has not been eaten for more than a month must be discarded decisively, even if it feels bad.

Do not place it at will. The storage conditions before unopening play a major role in maintaining the quality of milk powder.

How to store unopened milk powder

1. Room temperature

Some mothers think that the refrigerator can keep fresh, so they store unopened milk powder in the refrigerator. In fact, as long as milk powder is within the shelf life, it is more conducive to the preservation of milk powder at room temperature.

2. Avoid light

Keep milk powder away from light, because light will destroy the vitamins and other nutrients in the milk powder. If some mothers like to use transparent and beautiful glass jars to dispense milk powder, then stick shading paper on the outside.

3. Dry

Although the unopened milk powder is in a sealed state and is generally not susceptible to moisture, long-term exposure to a humid environment is still unfavorable to the preservation of the milk powder. The iron cans of canned milk powder are also prone to rust in moisture.

4. Shady

Some nutrients in milk powder have poor thermal stability, such as vitamins. Long-term storage at high temperatures will affect the quality of milk powder, so mothers should pay special attention to storing milk powder in a cool place.

Infant milk powder is rich in nutrition and high in protein. The rich protein and nutrition are the breeding grounds for bacteria to grow and multiply, and it is also easy to attract insects. The milk powder must be preserved after opening.